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Facts and myths: accounting outsourcing in limited liability companies.

More and more companies are choosing to use the services of a professional accounting firm. This is a great alternative to hiring your own accountant for many reasons. The accounting office will demonstrate its usefulness already at the stage of registering the company as well as later, when keeping the books. For many people, the issue of outsourcing accounting services remains contentious. Over the years, there have been quite a few myths that are still being propagated. It’s worth learning a little more about using an outsourcer for the broader service of running an outsourced accounting office. This may prove to be ideal for a limited liability company.

Consequences of a limited liability company.

As is usually the case, the specific business profile of companies in light of the liability imposed by law in relation to customers, but also in relation to liability to the Tax Authority, brings certain advantages, but also disadvantages.

Doing business as a limited liability company forces the entrepreneur to contribute capital. The minimum amount of capital is PLN 5000. This is a small amount, but it must be borne. At the same time, the amount of the contribution made is an indicator of the security of the investment for counterparties, since the partners of the company are financially liable to counterparties precisely to the amount of this contribution. And this is one of the distinguishing elements of this type of business.

The next obligation imposed by law on companies z. Ltd. is to keep full accounting. this is quite a hassle, as accounting errors have buried many a promising company. An audit by the Tax Office is not a pleasant one and rules out further company activity during an audit. That’s why it’s a good idea to hand over the company’s bookkeeping to professionals and turn it over to the so-called outsourcing of accounting services.

Full accounting, in addition to certain inconveniences, also gives tangible benefits to companies that want to precisely manage their financial resources and develop their business. Using the accounting services of an accounting office in the system of accounting outsourcing, we get a complete financial picture of the company’s functioning, allowing us to consciously invest the money earned in the further development of the company and the potential growth of its income. This is where full accounting brings tangible benefits.

Accounting outsourcing on the example of Warsaw – not only for large companies

In the city of Warsaw, the accounting office is a very common choice. It is not just for thriving companies. Outsourcing of accounting services will be suitable for any company, regardless of the size and specifics of its business. It is a beneficial solution for companies operating in various industries. Business owners are very keen on outsourcing accounting, because they see the benefits associated with it. In this way, they can save a lot of money and time, avoid many mistakes and the associated negative consequences for their business. Using the services of an accounting office can also be recommended for small businesses, for people just starting out in their own business.

This will be a sensational solution for startups. In each case, you can count on professional organizational support, expert legal and tax advice. The company can focus on the development of its business, delegating the specific scope of accounting services to a professional accounting firm.

Accounting firms are taking over a fair amount of responsibilities. Dealing with accounting on your own requires knowledge, experience and a lot of time. You need to constantly follow the law and update information, keep an eye on deadlines. Outsourcing accounting is therefore a considerable convenience. You can also minimize the risk of making mistakes. The accounting office has liability insurance, which exempts the entrepreneur from civil liability. If losses are raised, you can count on receiving compensation.

Accounting office Warsaw and the issue of loss of control

Some entrepreneurs are concerned that if you outsource your accounting, you lose some degree of control over your business. This is another myth about this type of activity of accounting offices. In practice, however, it looks quite different. A professional accounting office takes over some of the duties, but everything is done on transparent terms, as agreed. The external entity operates in accordance with regulations, all its activities are accurately reported. The entrepreneur has full insight into the current condition of the company. He can check everything at any time and place. The accounting office offers an electronic workflow, there is not even a need to visit its premises in person.

The customer gets access to special software, including a mobile application. It thus becomes possible to control separated processes. Delegation of duties has become a great convenience. It saves time and money. It is worth using the services of an accounting office for tax optimization. This largely affects the development of the company. It becomes crucial, of course, to cooperate with a trusted entity. It is therefore necessary to bet on a reputable accounting office. This translates into a guarantee of security. All company data on the accounts will be secured. It will also eliminate organizational, administrative and personnel problems.

Is it expensive to outsource accounting?

Many entrepreneurs think that outsourcing accounting involves high costs. In practice, however, it looks quite different. Keeping the books in this system is a cheaper and more convenient solution than hiring your own accountant. Separating a separate department and retrofitting it, investing in an employee, paying him a monthly salary consumes a lot of money. The accountant is also entitled to leave. She may find herself on sick leave at the least expected moment. This poses a huge problem for a company that relies solely on one employee for broad accounting issues.

You don’t have to worry about that with an accounting office. Its ranks are fed by a number of specialists. Qualified and experienced accountants are always available, constantly updating their knowledge and improving their professional competence in the services they provide. You don’t have to worry about the lack of support that can occur when you do your own accounting in-house. If you decide to outsource your accounting, each company is assigned a dedicated accountant who can always be replaced if the need arises. In the case of outsourcing, you can count on a flexible offer whose price list is adapted to the current situation of the company.