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Vamik Accounting Office – Offer

We are pleased to present the offer of our accounting office Warsaw-Vamik, which specializes in providing professional accounting services. Our experience and team of highly qualified experts provide comprehensive services in various areas of accounting and human resources. These are our services:

  1. Full Accounting:

    • We will make bookkeeping simple and efficient. We will provide professional handling of your financial records, balance sheets, tax returns and other aspects of full accounting.
  2. Human resources and payroll for companies:

    • Let us handle your HR and payroll issues, such as drafting employment contracts, time records, calculating salaries, accounting for contributions and taxes, and preparing HR reports.
  3. Accounting in English for foreign companies in Poland:

    • We support foreign companies operating in Poland by providing accounting services in English. Our team is proficient in tax and accounting regulations, allowing us to effectively support your business.
  4. Outsourcing of human resources and payroll – full service of companies:

    • We offer comprehensive HR and payroll services for companies. We will provide professional management of employee records, calculation of salaries, settlement of contributions and taxes, as well as preparation of all necessary reports.
  5. HR and payroll services for foreign companies:

    • If your foreign company needs support in the HR and payroll area, we are ready to help. We’ll take care of all aspects of HR, payroll, contributions and taxes so you can focus on growing your business.
  6. Full accounting of a limited liability company:

    • We specialize in full accounting for limited liability companies. We will provide comprehensive accounting of financial documents, preparation of financial statements, balance sheets and tax settlements, so that your company operates efficiently and in accordance with regulations.
  7. HR and Payroll Outsourcing:

    • Delegating HR and payroll tasks to us will save you valuable time and resources. Our team of specialists will undertake comprehensive services related to managing employee records, calculating salaries, accounting for contributions and taxes, as well as preparing HR reports. This will allow you to focus on key activities in your company.
  8. Dedicated HR services:

    • We know how important it is to provide personalized HR services, tailored to the individual needs of your business. Our team will provide you with dedicated support, tailored to the specifics of your business, so that you can be sure that all aspects of HR are properly managed.

The team of Accounting Office Warsaw-Vamik has not only theoretical knowledge, but also practical experience in the field of accounting and human resources. We operate in accordance with applicable laws, taking care of the accuracy, confidentiality and timeliness of our services.

Accounting Office Warsaw Vamik

Accounting Office Warsaw Vamik

If you are looking for a professional accounting firm that will offer you comprehensive accounting, human resources and payroll services, then Warsaw-Vamik Accounting Office is the perfect partner for you. Contact us today to discuss the details and customize our services to meet your specific needs.
We are ready to support the growth of your business and provide you with peace of mind in the areas of finance and human resources.