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HR Outsourcing

We offer personnel services for companies , drawing up employment contracts, documentation for Social Security, employee files, health and safety training courses

Payroll Outsourcing

Payroll outsourcing includes, among others. checking of payroll and payroll records, income tax settlement of employees by employees of the accounting office

Full Accountancy

We deal with bookkeeping, VAT,CIT,PT settlements representation to the Tax Office.

Other Services

We offer consulting and advisory support in the registration of companies, completion of documents and contacts with the authorities.

Vamik Accounting Office

HR and payroll outsourcing and accounting

As an accounting office, we offer advice in the field of business and reliable work carried out in all areas entrusted to us.

Our task is to exercise partner control over the activities of our clients in terms of the financial security of their operations in terms of strategic decisions taken, as well as to take appropriate measures to optimize the current tax burden.

Outsourcing kadr i płac, obsługa firm, spółek z o.o.
Biuro rachunkowe -Kadry i płace, outsourcing kadr i płac, obsługa kadrowo płacowa

HR and payroll outsourcing

Human Resources

  • Comprehensive maintenance of personnel records.
  • Preparation of documents necessary for the establishment and termination of the employment relationship, changes in the terms and conditions of employment and others required by the Labor Code.
  • Registering/de-registering and making changes to records for National Insurance
  • Ongoing recording and accounting for employee absences and their entitlements.
  • Control of personnel deadlines: reporting on expiring contracts, medical examinations, health and safety training, etc.

Additional accounting office HR outsourcing services:

  • Supporting the client's managers in the company's personnel management processes in the field of labor law.
  • Creation of work regulations, remuneration, job descriptions and other HRM documents
  • Representation of clients during inspections of the PIP within the scope of the power of attorney.

HR and payroll outsourcing


  • Calculation of salaries under employment contracts and civil law contracts in accordance with applicable regulations and the remuneration rules of the Client.
  • Calculation of salaries of managers/board members/foreigners
  • Correctly determine the sickness base for calculating sickness, care, maternity leave and other benefits.
  • Executing bank transfers from the payroll area
  • Handling of public liabilities and other institutions (bailiff seizures, additional insurance).
  • Pay slips
  • ZUS, US, PPK, PFRON declarations

Additional payroll outsourcing services:

  • Preparation of payroll reports for client needs
  • Handling of correspondence and implementation of bailiff, alimony and other seizures
  • Preparation of certificates, forms and other information for employees.
  • Accounting for the Company Social Benefits Fund.
Biuro rachunkowe Warszawa - Outsourcing księgowy Pełna księgowość dla spółek z o.o.
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full accounting

Full Accountancy

We offer full accounting services.

Full accounting consisting of:

  • revenue and expense records,
  • Records of assets and their sources of financing,
  • Inventory of assets and liabilities,
  • Generate financial statements,
  • Maintaining employee payroll records.


Accounting Office Warsaw Vamik offers professional services in the field:

  • Full accounting
  • Human resources and payroll for companies
  • Accounting in English for foreign companies in PL
  • Outsourcing of human resources and payroll – full service of companies
  • HR and payroll services for foreign companies
  • Full accounting of a limited liability company
  • HR and payroll outsourcing
  • Dedicated HR services

Human Resources and Payroll


Corporate services

For whom is accounting and HR outsourcing?

Broad corporate accounting is an essential part of any business. Thanks to the activities of accounting offices, every company is guaranteed almost “ex officio” that the financial processes conducted in the company will be at the highest possible level

Scope of operation of the accounting office

An accounting office employed by both a large company and a small small business plays a key role. Responsibilities include both bookkeeping, accounting for current expenses, handling taxes, performing bank transfers, day-to-day and periodic monitoring of these activities, and preparing various types of financial statements.

Responsibility for the activities of accounting offices provided.

Accounting firms, as separate entities that provide their services to other companies doing business, are liable to the tax office. To be more precise: this responsibility is charged to the employees of these offices – the accountants who are responsible to the tax office for all financial operations in their business areas.

Services of accounting offices

Among the basic services that an accounting office can provide are:

Advantages of working with accounting firms?

The answer to this question is obvious: yes, they are.

When starting a business, most entrepreneurs focus their attention on creating positive connections between the product they want to sell and the recipient of that product. If the business itself is not clearly about accounting office services then there is a good chance that doing all the bookkeeping can cause considerable worry. In order to remedy this and focus all your attention on your goal, rather than on studying HR, payroll and accounting confusions, it is worth entrusting this area to accounting offices.

Area of operation of accounting offices

Although an accounting office can operate globally, the most common rule of thumb is to operate locally. Hence, such offices often advertise themselves as, let’s say, an accounting office Warsaw , or even more precisely: an accounting office Warszawa Śródmieście, Wola, Warsaw Ochota. The close location of the offices promotes the speed of document flow.

Facts and myths: accounting outsourcing in limited liability companies.

HR and payroll outsourcing for companies – principles of cooperation

Vamik Sp.z o.o. Accounting Office Warsaw