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New regulations governing remote work and vacations. What you should know – amendments to the Labor Code.

Amendments to the Labor Code and certain laws will make the so-called “labor code” a more effective way to implement the program. HR and payroll will also undergo changes. The accounting office will have to make some modifications to the HR and payroll tasks in the existing system. The rules for remote and hybrid work are changing. There will be new types of leave with different payoffs. Some employees can expect to receive better protection against termination. Regulations on whistleblower protection can also be expected.

Changes regarding remote work.

According to an amendment to the Labor Code, employees will be able to work remotely on a permanent basis. Performing duties off-site can be all or partial. The rules will be established with the unions or included in the regulations. The employer will be required to provide the employee with all the necessary materials and tools to carry out his professional duties. The company will also have to pay for electricity and telecommunications services. Another change is the possibility for an employee to request to do remote work occasionally.

There will be extra days off.

The good news for employees is the advent of additional leave in accordance with amendments to the Labor Code Act. You can count on an extension of parental leave by two months, or up to 41 weeks. However, it is worth noting that if fathers do not use the extra days off, they will not pass on to the mother, they will be forfeited. It is a way to encourage men to take care of the child. The two additional months off will be paid at a part-time rate. The benefit will be 70% of the assessment base. Additional leave is also available to non-parents of young children. It will take the form of a five-day care leave. It can be used when the need arises to provide support to a family member, i.e. a parent, child, spouse or other person who lives with the employee. In order to obtain the leave, you need to submit an application and cite the need for personal care as the reason. However, it should be borne in mind that the days off received will be unpaid.

According to an amendment to the Labor Code, it will be possible to receive two days off due to force majeure. They are granted only in urgent family matters resulting from illness or accident, when the immediate presence of the employee becomes necessary. This type of vacation will be paid. Its amount will be half of the eligible salary. Parents will also receive special rights. For employees who care for a child up to 8. years of age cannot be applied without their consent to overtime and nighttime employment. If they do not express it, the employer will not be able to include them in the intermittent working time system or delegate them to another workplace.

What changes do the amendments to the Labor Code entail for employees?

Employees can look forward to a number of favorable changes as the Labor Code is amended. They will get better protection from dismissal. The employer will be obliged to justify the termination and discuss it with the labor union. The employee will also be able to demand reinstatement if the wrongful dismissal is considered in court. The new rules also apply to probationary employment. Contracts will be allowed for a period not exceeding one month, two months or three months, the first two of which can be extended by an additional month. Under an amendment to the Labor Code, employees will get transparent hiring and firing rules. The reason for termination cannot be a demand to obtain employment information, requesting a change in the type of contract or working hours, being concurrently employed in another company.

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Modes symbolizing cooperation in the HR and payroll outsourcing system.
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Due to numerous amendments to the Labor Code, an extremely convenient solution for many companies, regardless of the specifics of their business, will be to outsource HR and payroll. Once again, this proves to be a good strategy, ceding any changes in labor law to an outsourcing partner handling HR and payroll. Using the professional services of an external entity saves time and money. HR and payroll specialists have the knowledge, technical background and keep abreast of changing labor laws. Therefore, one can be sure that even after the modifications due to the implementation of the amendment into force, everything will be implemented in accordance with the provisions seen in the Labor Code.

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