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Service outsourcing market in Poland

The market for outsourcing services in Poland in the context of human resources and payroll

What is the outsourcing of accounting services?

This is nothing more than outsourcing your company’s bookkeeping to an external entity that will have access to your most important company documents. Outsourcing in accounting is an increasingly popular solution, which is undoubtedly very convenient for the entrepreneur in many respects. However, in order to use it, it is necessary to find a trusted accountant, which may not be as easy as it may initially seem.

Outsourcing in a company, or how to manage a business in a modern way

Outsourcing (concerning not only HR and payroll) is an increasingly popular service used by a growing number of entrepreneurs. This should come as no surprise, since outsourcing for companies has a myriad of benefits, and not only financial, but also those associated with transferring some of the responsibility from the entrepreneur to external entities.

Outsourcing – HR and payroll or just Warsaw? No! we serve the whole country.

Outsourcing of payroll and human resources services , mainly consists of bookkeeping and tax ledgers. Such services are used primarily by companies that either do not have, or are planning to eliminate the accounting department and transfer accounting services to an outsourcing partner and thus reduce the cost of personnel and payroll services of the company .

Outsourcing of accounting services is the responsibility of external entities, most often accounting firms. These not only keep the books of account, their scope of competence also includes:

  • – accounting for tax returns,
  • – Preparation of financial reports,
  • – Preparing financial reports and analysis for management,
  • – document archiving,
  • – Adaptation of financial systems,
  • – full accounting supervision.

HR outsourcing can include a full range of services:

  • – payroll
  • – preparation of payroll
  • – keeping a register of personal data
  • – Accounting for working time
  • – payroll service
  • – maintenance of personnel files of employees
  • – Update personnel data of employees
  • – Preparation of employee documentation during the employment relationship
  • – Calculation of contributions due to the Social Security Administration
  • – pay slips

The benefits of outsourcing are truly numerous, making it an increasingly popular service especially when performed by the best specialists in their field.

Why is outsourcing HR and payroll services a good solution?

Using outsourcing for HR and payroll is a solution with many advantages, allowing companies not only to save money, but most importantly to improve the quality of accounting services. The use of third-party companies means that especially small businesses without in-house accounting will no longer have to worry about who to entrust with the most important company matters, namely those related to human resources and payroll.

Outsourcing, compared to doing your own in-house bookkeeping, allows you to save a lot of money. A company that pays for HR and payroll services does not have to worry about the cost of having to purchase financial and accounting software, computer hardware or modern software. Also gone are the expenses associated with creating a work space for accounting and the expenses for salaries for in-house accountants.

Many entrepreneurs are looking for ways to reduce the cost of their business, which is why so many of them are choosing to outsource their payroll services and eliminate their own accounting department. Importantly, using outside companies, in this case accounting firms, is not only about saving money, but also about removing liability. It is the bookkeeper employed under the relevant contract who will be liable for the damage caused if irregularities in accounting or tax records occur as a result of his actions.

What should you look for when signing an accounting services outsourcing contract?

Companies deciding to outsource accounting services, be it HR and payroll, but also any other bookkeeping, must not only find a good and trustworthy accounting firm, but also take care to draw up a mutually beneficial contract. It is worth realizing that outsourcing contracts between entrepreneurs and accounting firms are mostly classified as unnamed contracts. What does this mean in practice? It appears that such service contracts are atypical and may contain elements characteristic of many contracts for the establishment of cooperation between the parties (order, work contract, contract, etc.).

Regardless of the form of the contract between the entrepreneur and the accounting firm, there are a few important pieces of information that should be included in it. This primarily involves:

  • A precise definition of the scope of services provided,
  • rules of communication applicable between the parties,
  • the method of document circulation,
  • rules for drafting information,
  • rules regarding the release of information,
  • Preliminary determination of the deadlines for the contractor’s duties.

It is primarily in the interest of the entrepreneur to ensure that the terms of the contract entered into between the parties are defined as precisely as possible. Only in this way will accounting services Warsaw be beneficial to the entrepreneur, and the duties of the accounting office to its client very well known.

Of course, it is important to determine precisely the remuneration that the accounting firm will receive for the accounting services provided. Offices may receive a flat fee or one that is based on the amount of work they put into record keeping and accounting matters. It is also possible to use both, after prior agreement on remuneration between the parties.

We invite you to cooperate in the outsourcing of human resources and payroll functions with our accounting office.

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